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Book Review: Too Late

Title: Too Late

Author: Colleen Hoover

Rating: 4 stars


“Pickles don’t feel guilty when people yodel, so why aren’t the sheets ever folded on Tuesday?”


The story is about Sloan, a college girl who is in an abusive relationship with Asa. Asa was there when she had nothing but it soon became clear that the charm was only a ruse. Asa is selfish, a drug dealer and treats Sloan like a possession, but she stays because he pays for her brothers care.


In her Spanish lecture, Sloan’s day is looking up when she meets Carter. He is cute and flirty and makes her forget, even for a little while her bad situation. However, when she makes it home to Asa, she discovers that Carter is Asa’s new business partner.


Carter is an undercover cop (his name is Luke) trying to build a case against Asa, who is a big time drug dealer. However, he finds himself growing closer to Sloan as they spend time together a lot in class. Soon their feelings start to grow into something more but their situation is very complicated- on more than one account.


This was a darker read by Colleen Hoover and something very different. There was plenty of drama and angst and I couldn’t wait for the story to unfold.



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