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Book Review: Team Player

Title: Team Player

Author: Anthology (Various Authors)

Rating: 3.8 stars (based on average)


I was given an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review


Overall, I really enjoyed this anthology. This is filled with some of my all time favourite authors, so it was an immediate must read for me. There were some great stories that are perfect for anyone who loves sports romance or just romance in general. There was second chance romance, friends to lovers, single dads and more.


The End Game by L.J. Shen 4 stars (read 13/12/17)

Jolie has had a crush on her best friend Sage since they became best friends at the age of ten. Now they are roommates in college and Sage has come to the realisation, after a particular incident that he has deep feelings for Jolie.


To prevent his teammate from asking Jolie out, he comes up with the scheme of asking Jolie to become his fake girlfriend, only things aren’t so fake after all.


Slapped Into Love by Rochelle Paige– 4 stars (read 14/12/17)

Ryan can’t stop thinking about this girl Tamara who he spent the night with a couple of months ago. Ryan can’t get her out of his mind and hasn’t been with anyone since that encounter.


In a training session where the coach has brought in a speed skater to make the hockey team faster, Ryan accidentally insults the new instructor who turns out to be Tamara, who is an Olympic Gold Medalist for speed skating.


After Ryan apologizes for putting his foot in it and losing a speed race to Tamara the two reconnect and sparks fly.


Full Court Press by Kennedy Ryan– 4 stars (read 14/12/17)

Decker is in the locker room being interviewed after his performance in the NBA, by Avery. Avery catches his eye and notices that there is something different about her and asks her out for drinks, but Avery isn’t interested.


Ten years later Avery is a broadcaster for a sports network and Decker is coming on to Co-host while her usual co-host is suspended. The chemistry between the two is readily apparent, but Avery has been through a lot and isn’t ready for a relationship. However Decker is ready to go all in and he knows that Avery is the one for him and he isn’t letting another opportunity to slip through his fingers.


Out of Formation by Ella Fox– 4 stars (read 15/12/17)

Elena has had a crush on Colin ever since her and her mother moved to the guesthouse of Colin’s Grandparents house. Elena soon became part of the family as her mother was rather neglectful.


At her University where she is a cheerleader and a senior, their was a scandal with the football coach having an affair with a student. So when the new coach is announced, Elena is very surprised that Colin is the new coach.


Colin’s feelings for Elena have been growing recently but he doesn’t want to start a relationship until she finishes college and living in the same town. But some things just can’t wait, especially because Elena returns Colin’s feelings.


Sweeping the Series by Kate Stewart– 4 stars (read 15/12/17)

This is a great second chance romance that packs a punch right in the feels. It’s another addition to the Team Player series with some familiar faces.


Ren and Erica were madly in love but one day without explanation, packed her bags and left just as Ren was making it in the big leagues. For the next two years Ren has been labeled the ‘bad boy’ of the MLB with his antics being splashed all over the gossip rags. Management has decided they’ve had enough and hire a new PR agent to reform his reputation.


Erica is working in PR when she gets handed a new client, the ‘bad boy’ of Baseball Ren Makavoy. Ren is shocked to see Erica, the same girl that broke his heart is his new PR manager. There is still an undeniable spark between the two, but Ren is after answers that show there was more to the story.


Back in the Game by Meghan Quinn– 5 stars (read 16/12/17)

This one was definitely my favourite!


Calder is a single father to an adorable five-year-old daughter, and on this occasion he is dressed up as a fairy princess for their father/daughter date at a noodle and doughnut restaurant. After using the restroom, Calder bumps into Rachel outside the door. They have a very meet/cute situation going on and Calder asks Rachel out.  Calder is able to charm Rachel while wearing a glittery tiara and fairy wings.


The two interact and immediately hit it off on their first date. Calder is careful about who he dates as he doesn’t want to introduce anyone to his daughter if they aren’t in it for the long haul. Calder was one of my favourite heroes. He was such a sweet guy and Rachel was also fantastic. The two were just great together.


One Good Man by Emma Scott– 4.5 stars (read 18/12/17)

This story takes place in 1970, dealing with the aftermath of the Vietnam War.


Janey is a journalist student and is caught in some protests while taking pictures. She ends up sitting in jail when her dad bails her out but not before giving her an ultimatum. She will be finishing University in France, where she can stay out of trouble.


Janey is looking for her big story but she ends up being stuck with covering a story about Adrian who is on the schools Soccer team and is on his way to playing professionally. But this story turns out to be something much bigger.


Yard Sale by Charleigh Rose– 4 stars (read 17/12/17)

Camdem Hess is sure of himself when it comes to women. He sees the girl he wants to persue for the night but he wasn’t expecting Mollie Mabey. Mollie ends up outsmarting Cam at his own game and when she walks away, he wants more and they end up spending the night together.


Some months later Mollie, along with her fake boyfriend (after a failed attempt at a relationship who is also her best-friend) is spending time with her family at a ski resort for Christmas. She runs into Cam, who is a professional snowboarder but taking some time off teaching some kids due to an injury.


Mollie is hiding some information from Cam as she doesn’t know how to tell him. And things get complicated.


Cross by Adriana Locke– 4.5 stars (read 18/12/17)

Kallie has moved back home after being in the city for the last couple of years. She is reuniting with all her old friend that she grew up with including her ex Cross, who she shared all her firsts with.


Now that Kallie has moved back to town, Cross can prove to Kallie that he has grown up and that they deserve a second chance. Kallie and Cross reconnect and all those same feelings they felt are still there, rekindling their love.


Sin Bin by Mandi Beck– 3.5 stars (read 17/12/17)

Jason plays professional Hockey and he is down visiting Fulton University when he meets Stella. Stella is a college student but that doesn’t stop the attraction between the two. They spend some time together, including the night. But soon after he goes back Chicago.


Six months later Jason comes back to Fulton for one draft pick when he hears that Stella is pregnant. He does the math and it’s a good chance that he is the father. He meets Stella again and they work out all the details about how to deal with the situation.


Switch Hitter by Sara Ney– 4 stars (read 19/12/17)

This tells the story of identical twin sisters, Lucy and Amelia, who switch places one more time as Lucy has two dates for the same night. Amelia reluctantly agrees to this plan and goes out with Dante aka ‘Dash’ Amado who is on the schools baseball team. Amelia expects Dash to be another ‘dumb jock’ but he proves to be a gentleman and an intelligent conversationalist.


Dante wasn’t really looking forward to the date, as Lucy is far from the girl he would introduce to his family. But he notices a difference in Lucy- little did he know that it was her twin sister Amelia instead.


Amelia is in a tough situation as she is beginning to really like Dante and they get along really well. But her loyalty belongs to her sister. Will she be able to let him go when the time comes?




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