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Book Review: Rush

Title: Rush

Author: Emma Scott

Rating: 5 stars

Well what do you know, another 5 star amazing and emotional read by Emma Scott. Emma writes beautiful stories and I can’t get enough of them.


Noah Lake used to be all about extreme sports and the rush that he would feel. That is until an accident caused him to lose his sight, no longer being able to do what he loved. He feels bitter and won’t admit to needing any help, shutting himself away from everyone. He has driven away multiple assistants but when a friend of the family hires someone different. It brings change into Noah life. That person is Charlotte. Noah doesn’t admit to liking Charlotte but she slowly brings him back to life.


Charlotte Conroy has just graduated from Julliard and should be playing violin in symphonies but ever since a tragedy in her life she has lost her music, instead she is working two jobs as a waitress. After working dead end jobs she accepts the role of assistant/care taker for a blind man, named Noah Lake. Noah is much younger and much more handsome than she was expecting.


She sees that Noah is angry but underneath she sees the pain that he’s in. She sees the good underneath and is determined to make Noah smile. They slowly start building a basis of friendship, once Noah gets over his stubbornness. She is determined to help Noah and provide him with the life that he has previously shut out.


“Until you, I was lost. Sometimes, you’re the only thing that ever feels real to me.”


Both characters need healing and are able to find that by being that special person for each other. Charlotte was understanding and kind to Noah but also knew when to push harder. She was strong and a fantastic heroine. Noah first comes across as a bit of a jerk but boy does he redeem himself. His story broke my heart but he was determined in taking the necessary steps to becoming the best man he could be. Noah was always supportive and encouraging to Charlotte that she could reach her full potential.


“You’re the light in my darkness, Charlotte.”


These two just complimented each other so well and the things they go through to show their love is remarkable. This story was beautiful, emotional, heartwarming and heartbreaking and truly mesmerizing.



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