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Book Review: Endless Possibility

Title: Endless Possibility

Author: Emma Scott

Rating: 5 stars


“Yes. I was hers and no one else’s, until the day I die. And with that certainty came the greatest peace I’d ever known.”


Endless Possibilities is a companion novella to Rush. If you haven’t read Rush, that is something you must do as it tells the story of how they got together. There were some parts in Rush where the story was told through Charlotte’s POV, that left you wondering what Noah was going through. These questions are answered by reading Noah’s memoir.


Noah is determined to become the man he needs to be for the woman he loves. Noah’s journey through Europe will make you smile, make you cry and gain even more respect for the man for who he is and who he becomes because of his experiences.


“I had to keep moving. Always. To her. She was at the end of a long, dark road where I was going to be beset with impossible obstacles, and maybe even danger, but I had to make that journey. I had to do everything possible for Charlotte. Everything and anything. Because the idea of failure, of living without her in my life, was a nightmare worse than blindness.”


The epilogue is what happiness is made of and just made my heart warm. I love this couple so much and for all they’ve been through. Emma Scott is amazing and weaves stories wonderfully.



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