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Book Review: Most of All You

Title: Most of All You

Author: Mia Sheridan

Rating: 5 stars


Mia Sheridan writes another amazing book with Most of All You. The book had heart, meaning and packed full of emotions, romance and a unique story line.


You are first introduced to Ellie in the prologue when she is young and she loses someone very close to her and that changes the rest of her life.


Chapter one starts off with Ellie (stage name Crystal) ‘dancing’ at a strip club. She notices a guy sitting at the back who seems very out of place and is very surprised when he approaches her.


Gabriel has had a traumatic childhood as he was kidnapped as a child and kept in a basement. This has left its scars and he finds it hard to interact with people and does’t like being touched. He wants to do something to fix his intimacy issues and decides to pay someone to help.


After saying no to Gabriel’s offer, she can’t stop thinking about the scarred and honest men that she just met. She recognizes who he is and as she needs the money right now, she reconsiders. However Ellie gets scared of the connection and calls everything off.


One night after work, three college guys attack her- the same three guys that were mouthing off to her before and she is left badly beaten. She’s in hospital, no money and no place to live due to her injuries that she sees herslef accepting Gabriel’s offer of help.

“You can’t fix me, you know.”

“No, I can only love you.”


This was a heart warming story that really touched my heart. I fell completely in love with the characters. They have been through so much and have had to overcome so much with their pasts. Gabriel and Ellie were good together and their relationship was really special. They definitely deserved the happiness that they got.


“And, maybe, I thought, that was what love was supposed to do—peel your layers back and uncover all your tender spots so they, too, could be healed.”


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