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Book Review: Kissing Tolstoy

Title: Kissing Tolstoy

Author: Penny Reid

Rating: 4 stars


I first read this as a short story- Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants and then when it was expanded as serial as part of Penny Reid’s newsletter. And now it a full length story and I have enjoyed them all.


Anna goes on a blind date only to discover that she contacted the wrong guy, then discovers months later that ‘wrong guy’ is her professor. Her very good-looking Russian Literature professor.


Luca and Anna have an instant connection since they first met, but their situation is complicated. There was a lot of back and forth with their romance due to the circumstances of their student/professor relationship. But overall, they found a way that made it work.


I could really relate to Anna and her love for books:

“I started reading a really good book by a new-to-me author who wrote alternate reality versions of Brontë novels and spent the next few weeks immersed in her backlist. I dated her fictional heroes instead in an unapologetic phase of serial book-boyfriend polygamy.”


I loved the discussions of Russian literature and how the couple bonded over books. Plus they had some fabulous debates that was very entertaining to read. Overall, I really enjoyed this story, it was witty, entertaining and an all round great read. I can’t wait to see what comes next in the series, especially after that teaser.



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