Book Reviews

Book Review: Falling Fast

Title: Falling Fast

Author: Aurora Rose Reynolds

Rating: 4 stars


Gia gets an unexpected phone call at the Daycare where she works saying that her Grandmother has dementia and is deteriorating fast. Gia was under the impression that her Grandmother passed away ten years ago. So she takes a leave of absence from her job and moves to Tennessee, to take care of her Grandmother and make up for lost time.


Not long living in a new town, Gia needs a job as her funds are dwindling fast in her Grandmother’s house needs some repairs. Thanks to her kind next door neighbors who have been keeping an eye on her Grandmother, she gets an interview at the Rusty Rose. She walks in expecting to be interviewed by Rose the owner but instead she is interviewed by her son Colton.


Colton is an ex-marine who was shot pretty bad and lost the use of his legs for awhile. But determination and strength saw him walking again and back to the man he was. One look at Gia, and he knows that she is the one he’s been waiting for.


These two fall fast for each other, but there is always some drama involved. I really liked Colton and Gia and thought they made a good couple. Aurora Rose Reynolds is always very good at writing alpha males and Colton was no exception.


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