Book Reviews

Book Review: A Little Too Late

Title: A Little Too Late

Author: Staci Hart

Rating: 4 stars


A Little Too Late is a charming read of a  single dad, Charlie and the nanny, Hannah. Along with Charlie’s two adorable children make for a great read.


Hannah is in America to be a nanny but after a bad experience with her previous employer she is almost ready to go home to Holland. But then she gets placed with Charlie. Charlie is a single dad whose wife abandoned him and his two children. He loves his children but he is so busy with work, he needs help. Hannah gets along with the children and fits in perfectly, so she is hired on the spot.


Charlie and Hannah have an instant connection but due to their work relationship they fight it. But that only last for so long. They share a bond even though they find it hard to trust other people. But one big complication arises and their relationship is in jeopardy.


They must work out the truth and what’s important. I really enjoyed watching Charlie’s and Hannah’s relationship grow and develop. I also loved watching the relationship grow between Charlie and his children and how well Hannah fit in with their lives.


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