Book Reviews

Book Review: Written in the Scars

Title: Written in the Scars

Author: Adriana Locke

Rating: 4.5 stars


“We stare at each other, a husband and a wife trying to find the steps to a dance that once came so naturally.”


Written in the Scars is an emotional read about a marries couple fighting for their love. No matter what happens, Ty and Elin can’t fall out of love, no matter how complicated their relationship is.


Ty and Elin are high school sweethearts who got together young, stayed together and got married. They’re happy and in love, but things happen that are totally out of their control. It puts a wedge in their relationship that they must figure out how to overcome.


I loved Ty and Elin and I really rooted for their relationship to work. They have been through so much, both separately and apart but their love was always there. There were also really great secondary characters and a great group of friends. There was one especially that totally touched my heart.


This book was emotional, beautiful and gripping and gave you all the feels. This book was unique and I loved getting to read about a married couple as their love really shined through. This book will break both your heart and then put it back together again.


“Maybe that’s what love is, something so beautiful and perfect that you can only feel it.”



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