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Book Review: Turtles All the Way Down

Title: Turtles All the Way Down

Author: John Green

Rating: 3.5 stars


John Green is one of the few YA authors that is a must read for me. John Green always offers books filled with real emotion, friendships, flawed characters and this one offers great insight to mental health.


Aza’s story isn’t the easiest to read and she’s not always the most likable character. But I really enjoyed her voice and hearing what she had to say. Aza has OCD and struggles with thought spirals that can often control her life.

“I would always be like this, always have this within me. There was no beating it. I would never slay the dragon, because the dragon was also me. My self and the disease were knotted together for life.”


Aza hears of the disappearance of her friend from when she was eleven, Davis’s father. Aza might know some information and seeks this out with her friend Daisy, only to reconnect with Davis. This added a bit of mystery as side story that all came together in the end. But the main focus was on Aza. Aza’s story really made me think and was very enlightening.


Overall, I did enjoy this story but I didn’t find it captivating in the way that I wanted it to. But it was well written and insightful but not my favourite John Green book.



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