Book Reviews

Book Review: Unloved

Title: Unloved- A Love Story

Author: Katy Regnery

Rating: 5+ ‘You are my treasure’ Stars


I fell in love with this story, it was filled with emotions, beautiful love story and unexpected surprises. I loved the romance and the mystery that kept my undivided attention. This was a unique read by Katy Regnery and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Two years after her fiance was killed, Brynn finds a clue in the last message he was typing to her on his mobile right before he died. The message mentioned Mt Katahdin, so she sets off on a hike as a chance to find peace and finally let go.


In contrast to Brynn’s story, Cassidy’s story begins when he is a boy and the events and circumstances that has shaped his identity. He was brought up as the only son of a serial murder and rapist. Consequently he has been an outcast since a young age. Cassidy and all that is good and kind but that doesn’t stop people from assuming the worst of him. He is worried that because of his DNA and genetics, he will be like his father and thus stays isolated for many years- that is until he sees Brynn.


Brynn and Cassidy’s worlds collide on a remote mountainside. He literally saves her life with only moments to spare. So the man who has avoided people has become her unlikely hero. Cassidy has conditioned himself to believe it would be too dangerous to love him. But Brynn slowly breaks down his defenses.


Cassidy slowly nurses her back to health in his remote cabin and they grow closer and she offered him the one thing he never thought he’d ever get. As time passes, a deep love and attraction develops but they must face the truth that neither one of them wanted to let the other go. However their relationship has a firm expiry date but they cherish every moment leading up to it.


“If I ever see you again, I’ll never be able to let you go.”


But there was a twist that I didn’t expect and I couldn’t read fast enough because I needed to know what happened and how things were going to be resolved. It was truly inspiring to watch Brynn fight for the man she loves and to save him from something that he didn’t even know about.


This was an amazing book that you can just loose yourself in. It’s unique, well written and completely different to anything that I have read before. I love the romance and mystery and all the emotion, such a wonderful read and one of my many favourites of the year!



“I will love her until the sky falls.
Until the sun and moon fail to rise.
Until Katahdin crumbles.
I will love her forever.”


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