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Book Review: The Simple Soul of Susan

Title: The Simple Soul of Susan

Author: Noel Branham

Rating: 5 stars


I was given an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review


It’s always great to discover an amazing, brand new writer- a truly excellent debut novel. The cover is also a beautiful design. The story was well-written and captivating, beautiful, charming and emotional. This book was so much more than a friends-to-lovers story. It’s a story of friendship and romance and fighting through the hard times.


“Susan Combs had long ago found the love of her life. The only problem was the other party still didn’t know he had been found.”


Susan has always had a secret crush on her next door neighbor and best friend Calder, and one day hopes her love will be returned. Calder is popular and a bit of and is constantly flirting with a different girl. Calder is a good friend, albeit a little oblivious towards her feelings.


Susan is trying to keep her life together, she is caring for her uncle who is confined to a wheelchair, and is often bullied at school. She is often called simple, but she is a lot smarter than anyone knows. She is strong, kind and able to stand up for her self and what she believes in.


As events happen in the novel, Calder realizes that Susan is the friend that he can always count on and is there for him. I enjoyed watching their love blossom and grow but there were definitely many obstacles to overcome before they were ready for each other.


“We’ve known each other our whole lives, grown apart, and grown together…”


There were so many layers to the story, that once revealed you just felt for Susan and all that she has had to endure. She always wanted to do right by those she loved and she cared deeply. This was just one of the many aspects of Susan that you can relate to. She was such a real character that I cried along with her, especially in the beginning. Susan is definitely a kindred spirit.


This book was a roller-coaster of emotion but well worth all the tears. The story had depth and I loved how the story all fitted and came together. I love the simplicity and the old-fashioned feel to the story that makes it truly unique. Noel Branham is a great find and I can’t wait to see what she writes next.


“The biggest achievements in life decorate your heart , not your resume.’- Sue Combs”



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