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Book Review: Behind the Bars

Title: Behind the Bars

Author: Brittaniny C. Cherry

Rating: 5 stars


“No woman can only fall in love with the music of jazz. She always quietly yearns for the musician behind the bars.”


This was another amazing read from Brittainy C. Cherry. I loved this book, it moved me and made me feel all the emotions and Elliott stole my heart. This is definitely a top favourite for the year.


Jasmine is the daughter of an overbearing momager and a travelling musician Ray. Jasmine loves music and wants to sing soul, but her mother is convinced that pop music is the only way to be successful. For the first time in a long time, Jasmine has a home in New Orleans as Ray has a long-term gig. While in New Orleans, she meets Elliott.


“He was all bones, and I was all meat. His skin was painted caramel, and mine was white as cream. We were polar opposites. we weren’t mean’t to fall for one another, but when we blended together, we were some kind of beautiful.”


Elliott is a sweet and shy boy, too skinny and a little bit nerdy. But when Jasmine hears him play the saxophone, he becomes someone else. His music is everything that she didn’t know she was searching for. Jasmine and Elliott forge an unlikely friendship- she is popular and he is the target of bullies.


“We were complete opposites in so many ways. I was the popular new girl, and he, the bullied shy boy. Where I was outgoing, he was tame. When I was lost he was the road map home.”


Elliott holds the key to Jasmine’s heart and nothing could ever break them apart. That is until Jasmine’s mother decides to uproot her entire life. While Jasmine is gone, the unthinkable happens to Elliott and they go years without seeing or speaking to each other.


After six years, Jasmine finally comes home to New Orleans after trying for too long to please her mother singing pop music.


“Whenever I thought of home, I didn’t think of a place, I thought of people. The ones who shaped us into the people we were meant to become. The ones who loved us with our scars, and told us those scars were beautiful. The ones who allowed us to make mistakes, and still loved us fully.”


Elliott and Jasmine are both very different people to when they were sixteen. There has been so much pain and struggle but their love has always been stronger. Their relationship is beautiful and they deserve to be together. Elliott is so complex and he absolutely stole my heart. The secondary characters were also great, I especially loved Ray and TJ.


Behind the Bars is a book that touches your heart, it will make you feel, make you cry but overall it warms your heart. Brittainy is one of my favourite authors and I just love all her books and this was no exception.



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