Book Reviews

Book Review: Believing Bailey

Title: Believing Bailey

Author: Linda Kage

Rating: 4 stars


Bailey has had a crush on a cowboy that she’s seen around campus for the past year. But she sees him again when shes at this frat party because living with two loved up couples can be straining. She goes after her cowboy before he gets away and bumps into Beckett. But things don’t go to plan and instead she witnesses something that could potentially be a crime.


Bailey has to decide some to come forward to share some information that can save the life of Beckett who has been falsely accused of a crime. Both their worlds are forever changed after one awkward encounter and event. Bailey ends up being Beckett’s only support system as almost everyone believes his guilty.


They grow close and develop feelings for each other but the circumstances are really complicated to say the least. Beckett has such a kind heart and compliments Bailey who could speak her mind.


Beckett enters her life and changes everything. Bailey didn’t necessarily want a relationship but she was lonely living with two couples and wanted companionship. Beckett seeks Bailey out for her help but Bailey needs him too. Beckett sees the real Bailey that is hidden under the attitude and understands her more than anyone else.


When I first started reading this, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it but I love Linda Kage. But it ended up being addictive and I stayed up much later than I should have because I couldn’t put it down. This series definitely packs a punch and the series deals with some heavy issues. But overall it makes for some great reading. I loved getting to read Bailey and Beckett’s story and finishing the series.


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