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Book Review: My Lucky Days

Title: My Lucky Days

Author: SD Hendrickson

Rating: 5 stars


“A love bigger than heartache, deeper than an ocean, stronger than rope, and brighter than a firecracker. That was us.”


I’m glad I got round to reading this book as it has been on my reading list since it came out. I have read all of SD Hendrickson previous works, so I know I wanted to read this one. This is the story of a country singer who falls in love with a college student on the brink of his big break into fame. . The timing couldn’t be worse but that doesn’t stop the pair from falling madly in love. Time, distance and tragedy ultimately tore them apart, but no matter what happened their love was always there. So when they meet again many years later there might be a chance.


The book begins with Lucky and Katie’s emotional reunion. In the prologue you learn that he’s famous, they share a romantic history and that he is moving back home after many years. This left many questions about what happened in the past and what will happen in the future.


Nine years earlier, brings you back to the night they first meet. Katie recognizes something special about Lucky and he the same with her. Soon they realise their feelings are real and a relationship is formed. however this couldn’t come at a worse time, as Luck explains to Katie that he will be touring and will be away a lot. Lucky has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to peruse his career as a country singer and hopefully make it big. All the while falling in love at the same time.


“I loved him so very much. And the parts of him that I loved were the parts that would take him away. Lucky had always been bigger than life. Always bigger than this place.”


They had each others hearts and they tried so hard to make it work, but ultimately something had to give. Their lives were torn apart by a heart-breaking tragedy that finally ripped them apart. But their feelings for each other never went away.


“Eight years was a long time. I was a different person. So was he. I may have watched him from a distance, but that was Landon Evans. The guy I once loved was nothing but a stranger to me now.”


Eight years later they reunite and Lucky is determined to win Katie back. Lucky has been given a second chance and there is no way he is going to mess this up. I loved how after so many years they still loved each other and cared for one another on a very deep level. Lucky was such a charming guy and he was definitely one of the ‘good ones’. Their road to one another was bumpy and had a bit of a detour but determination won.


“I still love you. I never stopped. You were never just a small piece of my life. From the moment we met, you became my whole world. And even when you were not in that world, I still loved you.”


Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was emotional and sometimes heartbreaking but there were a lot of fun moments as well.



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