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Book Review: What She Didn’t Know


Title: What She Didn’t Know

Author: Tammy Falkner

Rating: 4 stars


This is something very new and different from Tammy Falkner and I really enjoyed it. The book was entertaining, fast  paced with some very clever twists and turns. I won’t say much about the story as it’s best to go in without spoilers. I will say that I was able to figure out the major twist very early on in the book as I had read something previously that  had a very similar twist. However knowing this, didn’t detract from the overall enjoyment of the story.


Mason’s wife, Lynn has disappeared/hiding and he’s determined to find out why. Mason gets help from Lynn’s friends to discover where she is. I really appreciated the love that Mason had for his wife and the care he showed to her friends. The characters are multi-faceted and well developed that made for a great read.


Overall, the story was clever and addictive and kept you wondering what was going to happen next. I loved the mystery and intrigue and how all the puzzle pieces fit together to come together in the end. Watching everything unfold was mesmerizing, especially towards the end where everything is revealed.



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