Book Reviews

Book Review: Shiver

Title: Shiver

Author: Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Rating: 4 stars


This book was different and unexpected and something totally new from Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine. The story was twisted and intriguing filled with a jealous and possessive Alpha male. Salvatore Wolfe (or tor), was the perfect hunter and Jesse was his prey. Tor definitely took things too far but there was just something so fascinating about him and wanted to continue reading to understand his reasons.


Tor was hurt in the past and that sadness has haunted him, but when Jesse makes his way into his lair (or in this case- an exclusive club) he is driven to pursue Jesse. Jesse is swept up by this handsome, powerful older man, who showers him with attention, not realizing the real toxicity of it all.


Overall, it’s about a man stuck in his past and a young man who trusted too quickly. This was an interesting read and was great watching as all the mystery unfolded.


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