Book Reviews

Book Review: Played

Title: Played

Author: Jen Frederick

Rating: 4 stars


This is a friends-to-lovers following Ty (Knox’s identical twin brother) and Ara, They’ve been close since the start of school but now that school is almost finished both are looking to start their lives. Ara is looking for a job in the art world and Ty is hoping to be drafted into the NFL- they finally have to start facing the feelings they have for each other that have been slowly building up over the years.


Ty and Ara, no matter what was going on were able to stay close, Even when their feelings were started to be revealed both cared about their friendship and not wanting to jeopardize anything. Ara was quite determined to fight against her feelings but Ty was always there and he was quite persuasive.


Overall, it was an enjoyable addition to the Gridiron series. And cheers to Ara who can tell identical twins apart (as this is a big thing for both Ty and Knox).



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