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Book Review: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

Title: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Rating: 5 star


This story takes up exactly where the story left off in book #7 An Echo in the Bone. It’s 1778 in Philadelphia and Jamie Fraser is back from the dead. Only he finds that his wife, Claire remarried to his friend, Lord John Grey. In another time- 1980, Roger Mackenzie is determined to find his son Jem after he was kidnapped and is preparing to go back through the stones.


There is a lot going on in this story and it’s a great blend of history, romance, adventure, drama and family saga. There is a great weave of fact and fiction with excellent attention to detail. I love the historical facts and storytelling is gripping. I have been learning a lot about American History as every detail is very well researched.


As always there are many and turns, told from multiple POV (much different to the earlier books in the series). It follows Jamie, Claire, Lord John, William, Ian, Brianna and Roger individually.


Many things were wrapped or came together very nicely in this book. I loved Jamie and Claire’s relationship in this book after they reunited. There were many trials but their love always prevails-


“I have loved ye since I saw you, Sassenach,” he said very quietly, holding my eyes with his own, bloodshot and lined with tiredness but very blue. “I will love ye forever. It doesna matter if ye sleep with the whole English army—well, no,” he corrected himself, “it would matter, but it wouldna stop me loving you.”


I just love these two. Along with Jamie and Claire, the story is deepened by the other main characters stories.


I loved Bree, Roger, Jem and Mandy’s story- I couldn’t read their part fast enough, it definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. Roger, while looking for Jem, goes through the stones and ends up in 1739. I love how all this connected to to the series on a whole.


I loved seeing Ian and Rachel and Denny and Dottie as they establish their relationships. My heart goes out to William, he goes through so much during the story but I also think he becomes a better man for it. I can’ wait to see how his story develops (hopefully there’s a happy ending for him somewhere). Lord John is definitely tested and I enjoyed when Hal appeared.


There were some very sad and tragic moments in this book but there were also many happy moments. And that ending, I can’t wait to see what happened next. Bring on book number 9.


“I have loved others, and I do love many, Sassenach—but you alone hold all my heart, whole in your hands,” he said softly. “And you know that.”





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