Book Reviews

Book Review: The Lucky Heart

Title: The Lucky Heart

Author: Devney Perry

Rating: 4 stars


Felicity and Silas have history, which involves her falling for her boyfriend’s best-friend after her boyfriend turns into a drug addict. However many years later after she left the small town she grew up in- she’s back, and she’s there to stay.


Silas has always been in love with Felicity and now that she is back in town, he is not letting her get away for a second time. The two share a tumultuous and painful history but the undeniable fact was that they loved each other and still do.


Their relationship was a slow burn romance but it was definitely worth the wait. Silas and Felicity, once they officially got together were always very honest and open with their fears and feelings. I loved how they were always there each other no matter what.


“Now what?” She smiled against my skin…
“Whatever you want.”
“I want babies,” she declared.
I chucked at her bluntness. “Then stop taking those pills and I’ll give you babies.”


I love Devney Perry’s writing and i’m so glad I discovered her writing, as she writes amazing books. This series has been great so far and I can’t wait for more.



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