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Book Review: The Clover Chapel

Title: The Clover Chapel

Author: Devney Perry

Rating: 4.5 stars


Nick meets Emmeline or Emmy one night in Vegas. Emmy is having a bit of trouble letting loose but Nick is there to show her a good time. Nick and Emmy have a connection and find themselves falling for each other and end up getting married. When Emmy wakes up the next morning she is devastated to see that Nick has left, leaving her a note saying his sorry.


Emmy is very surprised as she felt they had a connection. But life must go on and she goes on to work for her father, giving up her dreams of becoming a teacher.


Many years later, after being betrayed by her father, Emmy is set on becoming a primary school teacher. Even though she has a boyfriend she takes a job in Prescott as a teacher. In this small town she finds herself running into Nick.


Nick left Emmy all those years ago to keep her safe from his family but those obstacles are no longer in place and when he sees Emmy again, he is not letting her go.


Emmy breaks up with her boyfriend as they realise they no longer want the same things, not to mention Nick is very persistent on pursuing her. Nick and Emmy start again and soon find that connection that they had long ago.


They reconcile with the past and get to know each other again. I really enjoyed their relationship and loved how Nick wouldn’t give up. I am really loving getting to know all the characters in this town.



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