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Book Review: Finding Fraser

Title: Finding Fraser

Author: K.C. Dyer

Rating: 3 stars


I have recently finished reading the Outlander series, and I wasn’t quite ready to give it up. So this book was exactly what I needed to hold onto Outlander a little longer.


Emma Sheridan is 29, recently out of a job, single and down on her luck. But she does however find solace in the character of Jamie Fraser from Outlander. Emma gets the idea to start a blog called Finding Fraser where she will document her travel to Scotland, in the hopes of finding her very own Jamie Fraser.


She meets some interesting people along the way including an author named Jack (who she is a little wary of as he shares the same name as Black Jack Randall) who she continues to meet all throughout her journey.


Emma runs into some trouble by untrustworthy travelers but overall she really enjoys her time in Scotland. But alas she has yet to find the right guy.


Overall I found Emma to be a little bit too naive and immature for a 29 year old (if she was in her early twenties rather than late twenties I think the story would have been more believable). Also Emma put a lot of effort into a relationship where the guy was all wrong for her because he looked slightly like Jamie.


I liked Jack as a character but I think he could have done better than Emma, besides the foundation for their relationship felt a little rushed because everything happened right towards the end.


This is a cute read, if you don’t take it too seriously. I have read other books where a character goes on a journey to Scotland due to Outlander that I liked much more. There are some spoilers and many references from the Outlander series so I would suggest reading the series if you don’t want spoilers. Plus it was nice knowing all the references made. However if you don’t care about any of that, go for it.


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