Book Reviews

Book Review: Deklan

Title: Deklan

Author: Shay Savage

Rating: 4.5 stars


Kera has known for a while that she is promised to marry the son (Sean), of the Foley family after they saved her life from a kidnapping when she was fifteen due to her father’s gambling debts. However, when the head of the Foley family suddenly dies there is lots of confusion.


Sean however declines to marry her but not before promising her to his henchman, Deklan. Deklan is a big guy and can be brutal. However on their wedding day he promises to take care of her. It takes Kera a while to trust Deklan but eventually she wants to make the most of the marriage.


Dekaln and Kera share an instant chemistry and they slowly begin to trust each other. Deklan is very protective of Kera, but Kera wasn’t made for waiting at home while Deklan does what he does, so the two must compromise.


Deklan and Kera navigate their relationship and a marriage that was forced on them turns into something very real. I really loved their relationship and how they cared for each other.


“I need you,” Deklan says. “Everything’s falling apart around me, and you’re the only thing I have left to hold onto that makes any sense.”


In terms of mafia books, I would say that this is on the low end of the scale of intensity. But you will still find murder, blood and beatings but mixed in with a very sweet romance.


I really enjoyed this book and I’m really enjoyed reading Shay Savage lately. What I’ve read from her has been very diverse and all enjoyable.



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