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Book Review: Forever Right Now

Title: Forever Right Now

Author: Emma Scott

Rating: 5 stars


When I met Darlene in The Butterfly Project, I just knew that I needed her story and like every Emma Scott book I’ve read- I’m not disappointed.


Darlene is wanting to start over in a new city where it won’t remind her past addiction to drugs. Darlene moves to San Francisco where she connects instantly to Max who is her sponsor and with the help of a friend she manages to find a nice rent controlled one-bedroom apartment in converted Victorian. She also hopes that with a fresh start she can pursue dancing again.


On the first floor is a lovely Mexican family but on the second floor lives Sawyer and his small daughter Olivia. Sawyer comes across as very stand-offish but underneath he has a heart of gold or so says the neighbour.


Ten months earlier Sawyer’s life changed when one of his one-night stands comes knocking on his door saying that he is the father of this little girl and then disappears. As soon as she is placed in his arms, Olivia has him under her thumb.


Back to the present Sawyer has his hands full with a toddler and finishing his law degree. Sawyer doesn’t have time for a relationship and intends to keep Darlene at arm’s length. But Darlene’s manner is infectious and they find themselves gravitating towards each other.


“Darlene must be a flexible dancer, I thought, because she slipped past all of my usual barricades and defenses, bending and contorting herself through a field of red laser beams like a ninja in a spy movie.”


But Darlene is afraid to tell Sawyer the truth about her past as he has made his thoughts about criminals in the past as he intends to become a prosecutor (when he passes the bar).


I really enjoyed Sawyer and Darlene’s relationship plus I loved seeing them both interact with Olivia as well. The epilogue was especially cute and very special. Emma Scott has delivered another amazing read and is why she is one of my go-to authors.


Plus I loved getting cameos from Zelda and Beckett.



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