Book Reviews

Book Review: Sick Fux

Title: Sick Fux

Author: Tillie Cole

Rating: 4 ‘Tick Tock’ stars


“A nice cup of Earl Grey. Everything is solved by sharing a pot of Earl Grey.”

Ellis Earnshaw is eight when Heathen James (love the references to Wuthering Heights) comes to the Earnshaw estate to live with his father after his mother can no longer handle him.


Heathen has a dark side and likes to watch things die. But he has a soft spot for Ellis who he nicknames ‘Dolly’ who likes tea parties and Alice in Wonderland. She in turn nicknames him rabbit as he carries a pocket watch in his waistcoat pocket.


“She was my living, breathing doll. She wore the face of the purest angel, masking such evil living within. My soul’s perfectly fucked-up counterpart.”

However, all is not as it seems at the Earnshaw estate as is soon discovered who tries and protects Dolly from the lurking evil. But when Dolly turns ten she soon discovers what evil really is. Heathen and Dolly are tragically ripped apart and their small hearts are broken.


Some ten years later, Heathen finally manages to escape from his imprisonment and is on a mission to save Dolly from her captivity and get revenge on all those who harmed them.


“But if they ever tried to hurt her, to take her from me, I’d kill them all. I didn’t know how or when, but if they ever made her cry or took her the way they took me . . . . . . I would fucking end them all. And I knew that I’d enjoy it.”

This was a dark novel and be warned that is does contain some disturbing and intense scenes. But overall I really liked the originality of the story and Rabbit and Dolly were great together. I loved how much they meant to each other, especially from young children to adulthood. They shared a bond that nobody could break, even though there were many who tried.


“I love you, Rabbit.” A smile ghosted on her lips. “Maybe even more than Earl Grey tea.”

This was a dark and twisted read and something very different form Tillie Cole.



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