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Book Review: Fired

Title: Fired

Author: Cora Brent

Rating: 4 stars


Melanie has just gotten fired from her job due to a disastrous wedding when she was filling in for someone else’s role. However it all works in her favour when she manages to get a job at Esposito’s.


Gio and Dominic are brothers and are opening their second Pizzeria in a different location in Phoenix. While Gio is happily married to Tara with a new daughter, Dominic is more serious and is working all the time.


He first sees Melanie and knows he is in big trouble. He feels attracted to her but knows he can’t do anything because they will be working together. Melanie feels the same attraction but Dominic can come off as a bit of an asshole.


“Melanie was obviously smart and hard working. I sure didn’t want to be fucking around with invoices and human resources paperwork when I had a restaurant to get up and running. But the problem was I turned into a caveman whenever I was in the same room with her.”


Once they start working together, they get to know each other better and soon they can’t hide the attraction any more. They keep their ‘relationship’ a secret due to the nature of work. However there are secrets and situations form their pasts they must reconcile with before they express their true feelings.


I really enjoyed Dominic and Melanie’s story and loved the cameo of Cord and Sailor and the girls. I was intrigued about these characters since getting a glimpse of Esposito’s in ‘Strike’. It will be interesting to see where this series goes next.



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