Book Reviews

Book Review: The Storm

Title: The Storm

Author: R.J. Prescott

Rating: 4.5 stars


I was very happy when I saw Kieran was getting his own story as I loved the first two books and I love all the characters from Driscoll’s gym. Kieran first met Marie back in “The Aftermath” as she is designing Em’s wedding dress.


Kieran has known right from the start that Marie is the girl for him, he only needs to convince her of that fact. Marie really likes Kieran but she is holding herself back due to reasons that she shares with Kieran quite early on. Her health has prevented Marie getting close to anyone but Kieran breaks down all her walls with his charm and persistence.


Marie is such a strong character, and after some hesitation starts a relationship with Kieran as it was futile trying to resist him for any longer. Kieran is very protective of Marie and their relationship was very enjoyable to watch as everything unfolds.


It was also great to watch Con and Em’s relationship- I just love those two together. I also loved the interactions with Liam, Danny and I am so excited for Tommy’s story next. The epilogue was great and I can’t wait to get more from this group of guys.



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