Book Reviews

Book Review: Scandalous

Title: Scandalous

Author: L.J. Shen

Rating: 4 stars


Evie is the daughter Trent’s new business partner who owns 49%. Trent discovers Evie in an awkward situation only to find Evie working as a general assistant at his company. Trent is not okay with this as he doesn’t really like Evie at this point. However when he sees Evie interacting with his daughter Luna and even making her smile (something Luna rarely does since she stopped talking) he decides to let her stay.


Evie and Trent’s interactions first center around Luna but soon it becomes clear that there is an attraction between the two. Even with their obvious dysfunction, big age gap and Evie being the daughter of his business partner- there is no denying the chemistry.


But Evie is going through some tough times as she looks after her mother who is mentally unwell and hiding secrets about where she spends her Saturdays.


Overall I did really like this book but it was a lot different then what I was expecting. I didn’t like it quite as much as the previous books but it was still really enjoyable. I loved getting to see the interactions of Vicious, Dean and Jamie plus Melody, Emilia and Rosie. It was great seeing the gang back together (and with babies). L.J. Shen is definitely one of my go to authors and this was a great series filled with some great and complicated characters.



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