Book Reviews

Book Review: Ghosted

Title: Ghosted

Author: J.M. Darhower

Rating: 4.75 stars


Kennedy and Jonathan were highschool sweethearts and everything was good for the first couple of years of their relationship. However things started getting complicated when Jonathan signed on with his first acting agent and the relationship started to break up.


A few years later, Kennedy is a single mother to a lovely little girl, Madison. However Kennedy is being bombarded with the tabloids showing all of Jonny Cunning’s latest exploits. However when Jonny is injured and is unable to film for his new movie, he makes his way down to his home town running into Kennedy.


Kennedy is at first very wary of Jonny (or Jonathan’s) intentions as he has a habit of showing up drunk. However he soon proves himself sincere and eventually begins a relationship with his daughter who he has never officiously met before now. He also happens to be the actor that plays her favourite movie superhero.


Jonathan and Kennedy start building a tentative relationship as they have a lot to overcome with each other due to their pasts and the history they share together. I really enjoyed watching as their relationship grew and they began to trust each other again even after all the hurt. Jonathan proved himself worthy and really made up for all his past mistakes.


Overall I really enjoyed this book and I found the story to be really unique (which I always appreciate in books).


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