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Book Review: Dear Bridget, I Want You

Title: Dear Bridget, I Want You

Author: Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

Rating: 4 stars


Bridget has a rather awkward first encounter with Dr Hogue that involves a medical procedure. A couple of months later, her friend recommends someone to stay in the converted garage in her house to help supplement her income. This someone turns out to be none other than Dr Simon Hogue. He is in his last year of residency before he moves back to England and is looking for short term accommodation.


Bridget is a single mother to her son Brendan after her husband died a couple of years ago. She hasn’t been in a relationship since but can’t help feeling an attraction to Simon. This attraction is returned but the two must be careful as Simon is fully expected to return to England soon and she doesn’t want to get hurt if her feelings grow deeper.


As I find with all Penelope and Vi books, there are many unexpected twists and turns that makes for a great read. Simon was a fantastic hero and he had such a great sense of humour. This was a very enjoyable read filled with laughs and also some emotional times. Overall it was a great read- I just can’t get enough of this author duo.



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