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Book Review: We Own Tonight

Title: We Own Tonight

Author: Corinne Michaels

Rating: 4 stars


Heather, along with a group of friends goes to a concert of one of her favourite boy bands when she was growing up- Four Blocks Down. Heather has always had a bit of crush on Eli Walsh, one of the band members.


Heather makes an impression on Eli while singing on stage and makes sure she is invited backstage. Heather, very uncharacteristically spends some ‘alone time’ with Eli. But before anything else happens she runs away, which sparks something in Eli as that has never happened before.


Eli manages to track Heather down and convinces her that they should be friends. Heather has trouble letting anyone in after her divorce. With her caring role for her younger sister and her job a police officer, her free time is limited. But Eli worms his way into her life and slowly into her heart.


Eli has never met anyone like Heather before and can finally see himself settling down with someone. But there is something Eli must tell Heather but he is unsure of the reception he will get.


Overall I really liked this book and the premise was really interesting. I really liked Eli and Heather together and I really liked the support they offered each other, especially as the pair go through some very tough and emotional times.


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