Book Reviews

Book Review: Tate

Title: Tate

Author: Ella Frank

Rating: 5 stars


It is no surprise that I loved this book, just like every other book in the Temptation series. Tate and Logan are one of my favourite couples and I just love their relationship. They are getting ready to move into the new house they have just bought and this brings some other big changes. Logan is getting to the stage in the relationship where he is contemplating marriage. This is a big step for Logan as he never saw himself as the person to settle down but Tate has really grounded him. However this new revelation for Logan comes as a surprise to Tate.


Tate is dealing with past family issues in this book when he goes to a lunch where his sister is present. Tate with the unwavering support of Logan, is getting reconnected to his family and old friends after the falling out.


This also brings up some past issues that Logan has with his own family problems. But Tate and Logan are both there to support each other through this time.


Tate and Logan must deal with their pasts so they can overcome any challenges that may prevent them from moving onto the next level of their relationship. However, no matter what gets thrown their way they also land on top as they are willing to fight for their love.


I am glad we got more of the interaction between Priest and Robbie (I need their story- so it better happen) because there is definitely something between the two. Plus it was also great getting to see the characters from the exquisite series. I love it when series overlap (especially when I have read ‘said’ series).



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