Book Reviews

Book Review: The Foxe and the Hound

Title: The Foxe and the Hound

Author: R.S. Grey

Rating: 4.5 stars


Madeline has just adopted a new puppy and on her way to the vet her dog Mouse (who is far from a small dog she was originally told he would be) decides to tackle a stranger to the ground. The stranger is less than impressed but Madeline takes the opportunity to check out the new guy in town.


After telling the story at the reception of the vets she is very surprised to see that the stranger is fact her new vet that has just moved to the small town of Hamilton. Adam finds himself constantly running into Madeline and they share many interactions.


Madeline is currently working as a real estate agent but has only managed to sell one house (to her brother and best friend Daisy) and must start selling more houses soon to keep her job. She sees Adam as perfect opportunity to sell a house to, as he is currently renting. Eventually an opportunity presents itself when Adam asks Madeline to be his girlfriend to a family barbeque in exchange for her being his real estate agent. However the charade doesn’t last long as his mother discovers the truth and decides to have some fun at Adam’s expense.


Adam finds himself attracted to Madeline but doesn’t want to lead her on as he just got out of a serious relationship. But that fact doesn’t stop Adam from Kissing Madeline and falling for her. The same goes for Madeline as she is at the stage in her life when she is ready to settle down and Adam just might be the right guy.


This was a fun and sweet story and I loved Mouse as a secondary character, such a great dog. It was also great getting to see Lucas and Daisy again. Madeline is such a great heroine, she is lovable and easy to like. Adam was also easy to fall in love with. Overall it was an enjoyable read, filled with lovable characters and a very mischievous puppy.


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