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Book Review: Monster Among the Roses

Title: Monster Among the Roses

Author: Linda Kage

Rating: 4.5 stars

I was very excited to see that Linda Kage had a new book coming out and I am totally in love with re-telling of fairy tales. I love the story of Beauty and the Beast and this is definitely one of my favourite re-tellings. I really enjoyed how the genders were reversed as it gave it a new perspective from other modern variations.


Shaw has agreed to work for Mr Nash, one of the richest men in town to get his mother out of debt. Shaw is willing to do anything to help his family. Mr Nash sees an opportunity and sends him to work at his mansion. Shaw is surprised to find himself as a general handyman as he was imagining something much more sinister. Mr Nash sends him to work in the rose garden when he comes face to face with a very furious women. It is then that Shaw discovers his real purpose of working there. Isobel is Mr Nash’s daughter and ever since Isobel was involved in accident that has left her both physically and emotionally scarred, she has been a recluse living at home. Mr Nash employs Shaw as a way to break the monotony of her day.


Shaw and Isobel challenge each other and for Shaw the job becomes much more than just working off a debt. Shaw is determined to break Isobel out of her shell and after much persistence on his side (as Isobel tended to be quite rude to him in the start), he eventually gets her to open up more.


Shaw is an all-round good person and has one of the kindest souls. He is there is offer support to Isobel but he is also there to challenge her and gets her to want more for her life. Shaw never gives up even when circumstances get tough, he is always ready to fight for Isobel and the love he feels for her.


This was such a beautiful story and I loved it. Shaw is one of the kindest and most genuine heroes I have read in a long time. I am looking forward to more from this series. Although I don’t think this series can quite compete for my love of her ‘Forbidden Men’ series, it has the potential to become a favourite.



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