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Book Review: Anything You Can Do

Title: Anything You Can Do

Author: R.S. Grey

Rating: 4.5 stars


Daisy and Lucas have been in competition with each other ever since anyone can remember. And by some chance they both find themselves moving back to the small town Hamilton Texas to practice family medicine at the same firm.


It has been eight years since Daisy last saw Lucas as she always tries to avoid him when she comes home to visit family in the holidays. Madeline, her best-friend is also Lucas’s younger sister- so she is always well informed.


Daisy is ready to start her new job and is none too pleased that she will be working with Lucas. Daisy has a plan to ingratiate herself to the staff but as they are all women she is annoyed that they are falling for Lucas’s fake charm (or is she).


“I am the Annie Oakley to his Frank Butler and I firmly believe that anything he can do, I can do better.”


The couple find themselves competing again but instead of who has the best grade they compete at work. But one thing Daisy didn’t count on when interacting Lucas is the attraction she can’t help but feel.


So when the two kiss, it is a big mistake, a mistake that keeps happening. As more of the past is revealed though, her impressions of her interactions with Lucas change to reveal the truth of their feelings.


This is a great enemies to lovers story, and is a favourite trope of mine. The story is very reminiscent of The Hating Game and Check Mate and as I loved those book, I loved this one as well.


I really enjoyed watching Daisy and Lucas’s feelings change and grow for one another as you can see that they were made for each other. A fact that the people around them knew but they didn’t know themselves.


“The last two people who knew Lucas and Daisy were going to end up together forever were Lucas and Daisy.”


Overall it was a very enjoyable read and I loved all the interactions between Daisy and Lucas. I am also happy to see that Madeline will be getting her own story, and I look forward to reading it.


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