Book Reviews

Book Review: Strike

Title: Strike

Author: Cora Brent

Rating: 4 stars


I love the Gentry series and I was very excited to find that there would be a second generation series. I love the family aspect of this series and for me I love the atmosphere of the series more than the individual books (although, they are all really good as well).


Cami has got a job at a spa for the summer at home in Arizona since her journalism internship fell through. On her first day she meets Dalton who runs the exclusive night club on the resorts property. Dalton thinks she is there for an interview as the new bartender and there is some mix up as she is working the reception for the spa.


Dalton and Cami are always running into each other and find themselves going out with each other. The pair share an easy chemistry and get along really well. I loved getting to see Cord being very protective of Cami when Dalton picks her up for a date and all other interactions with the family.


I loved Cami’s close relationship with her twin sister Cassie. They are very different but they complement each other very well. I loved how they were very protective and supportive of each other as well.


Dalton and Cami’s relationship grows stronger but a mystery is uncovered, and Cami being the journalist she is, must get to the bottom of the story. Overall it was a very enjoyable read and I am looking forward to more of the Gentry family.


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