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Book Review: The Pursuit of Lady Harriett

Title: The Pursuit of Lady Harriett

Author: Rachael Anderson

Rating: 5 stars


Lady Harriett is currently staying at Tanglewood while Cora and Jonathan are on their honeymoon. Lt Christopher Jamison, a friend of Jonathan is expected to arrive. Harriet can be there to greet him and tell him that Johnathon is already on his honeymoon.


However, while Harriett is out for a walk she sees this rider going break-neck speed and therefore doesn’t see her and splatters her with mud. Lt Jamison is told that Jonathan is not at home but he is convinced to stay by some neighbors who Harriett finds ensconced in the drawing room. Harriett is not happy about this development as she was hoping he would leave as he needed to visit his parents in London in a week.


Harriett is determined to ruffle the feathers of Lt Jamison as he is always besting her at something.

“Apparently, no matter what she said or how she behaved, Lieutenant Jamison was determined to think well of her. Was this another of his many attributes—to find something “delightful” in everyone no matter their intelligence or personality?”

The share in some wonderful witty banter and they challenge each other. I really enjoyed watching their relationship develop and grow and come to the realisation about how much they meant to each other.


This book, along with the others in the series was such a delight to read. Harriett was such a wonderful character; she is sweet but she also knows her own mind and fights for what she believes. Christopher is playful but also has a series side to him, he is dependable and gives Harriett the challenges that she needs.


This series has been such a surprise and I have loved all the books (I don’t know if the series will be continued after this one but I hope it does). I really enjoy the regency style of the book and the perfect book for when I am in the mood for some historical romance.



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