Book Reviews

Book Review: Drunk Dial

Title: Drunk Dial

Author: Penelope Ward

Rating: 4 stars


Rana is drunk and feeling upset and therefore makes the impaired decision to call Landon Roderick the boy she knew when growing up when Rana and her parents were staying in the apartment above his garage.


After the phone call the two reconnect and start talking. The two grow closer but things change when something happens to Landon and Rana goes to California to see him. After this incident they know they want to be together but both of them a holding back secrets from their past.


The story has many twists and turns and you are constantly surprised about what is going to happen next. Although I really enjoyed the book, I found myself not fully engaging with the characters. I liked Rana and Landon and I am glad they were able to work though their pasts so they could find happiness together. I thought it was also really clever how everything fir together.



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