Book Reviews

Book Review: After We Break

Title: After We Break

Author: Katy Regnery

Rating: 4 stars


Zach and Violent are both wanting to get away from their daily lives. Zach to write some songs and Violet to work on her book. Violet turns up at the house in Deep Haven that was offered for her use by someone from her book club. She is surprised when someone else turns up and insists that he is also staying here.


What is more surprising is the guy with long hair and tattoos was the same socially awkward guy that broke her heart in college nine years earlier. Violet doesn’t know what to do but circumstances force them to stay in the house together.


“sometimes life offers you something unexpected, and when it does, you have a responsibility to explore it.”


Zach and Violet reconnect and slowly start to figure out old hurts from the past. Their love for each other has never gone away and they use the next two weeks together to see if a relationship would be sustainable.


“She was the girl. The only girl. Ever. Nothing good could come from a life spent without her—he’d learned that the hard way. He’d do anything not to lose her again.”


Overall I enjoyed this second chance romance. I liked how their feelings never went away despite the details of their last parting.


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