Book Reviews

Book Review: Wilde Like Me

Title: Wilde Like Me

Author: Louise Pentland

Rating: 3 stars


I have been watching Louise on youtube for about the past five years and was one of the originals that got me into that form of media. Her videos are always enjoyable to watch and her recent storytime videos were a good indication of what some of the content might be in the book. Although there were some funny moments, I was left conflicted about the book.


Robin is a single mother to six-year-old Lyla. She is working as an assistant make-up and spends her days with school pick-ups and spending time with her Aunt Kath and her best-friend Lacey. However Robin often feels ‘the emptiness’ and feels quite lonely.


Robin downloads an app for online dating but the first dates don’t get to the second. However on a work trip to London she meets this guy on a night out and they really hit it off. The story is really about daily life and Robin’s life a single mother while trying to date.


I felt the story was very slow to get started and the pacing was quite strange. I didn’t really like how Robin felt like she needed a man to stop the ‘emptiness’. Her first relationship felt very rushed and I didn’t feel any connection to the characters. Although Robin was somewhat likeable, it was annoying how she was always comparing herself to others and making it seem that the other mothers at pick-up were seemingly perfect. I know that Louise wanted to write a ‘realistic’ book but I felt her mention of ‘the emptiness’ got a little repetitive especially when Robin had so much support around her.


Overall this book was just okay, the writing wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t bad. But I just couldn’t connect to any of the characters and wasn’t invested in any of the relationships. It will be interesting to see where Louise takes the next book. I don’t think this is the sort of book I would’ve picked up if I wasn’t a subscriber but the book was enjoyable enough albeit a little disappointing.



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