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Book Review: The Rise of Miss Notley

Title: The Rise and Fall of Miss Notley

Author: Rachael Anderson

Rating: 5 stars


This book was such a delight to read. I loved the first book in the series and I was in the mood for something historical and The Rise of Miss Notley filled the spot. I picked it up some time in the afternoon and nothing would do until I finished it later that night, I couldn’t put it down.


The book was sweet, romantic and laugh-out-loud funny (which I find to be rare) and un-put-a-down-able. Cora Notley is about to be auctioned off in marriage to very disagreeable man to raise the status of the family who are in trade by marrying into the peerage (even if he is just a baronet). Cora will have none of this and turns to her friend Lady Harriett. Harriett along with Colin and Lucy devise the scheme that she will go stay with Lucy’s mother and step-father.


Cora is very independent and doesn’t like the idea of being a charity case. Cora is determined to make her own way and therefore when she hears of the housekeeper position at Tanglewood becomes available she jumps at the opportunity.


 “I should very much like for my life to serve a purpose—to do something good, something of value, something that will make me feel useful and needed.”


Cora gets the position after impressing Mr Johnathon Ludlow (the new owner of Tanglewood Manor) with her honesty. However Cora isn’t a very good housekeeper and things keep going wrong. In the meantime Cora inserts herself into Johnathon’s life and the two develop a friendship of sorts after Johnathon discovers the truth about her situation.


The interaction between Johnathon and Cora was excellent and I really enjoyed watching their relationship develop. It was especially great to see everything come together in the end where new revelations are revealed.


“From the moment I first met you in my study, I felt as though I could trust you as I have not trusted anyone in a very long time. Your eyes were too honest, your expressions too telling, and your smiles too genuine. Add to that your beauty and charm, and is it any wonder my thoughts are consumed by you? You intoxicate me, Mrs. Notley, and I cannot tell you how badly I wish to kiss you right now.”


Overall it was a delightful, romantic read and absolutely fun. I am absolutely loving this series and cannot wait until Harriett gets her book. The books offer some light and entertaining historical reads that are just all round enjoyable to read. This book made me so happy and really put a smile on my face.




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