Book Reviews

Book Review: Beard in Mind

Title: Beard in Mind

Author: Penny Reid

Rating: 4.5 stars


Beau has always been considered the nice one and goes out of his way to help people but then he meets Shelly Sullivan (Quinn’s sister from Neanderthal Seeks Human). Shelly is the new mechanic and after a misunderstanding on Beau’s part is rude and insulting (not that he didn’t deserve it).


At first Beau and Shelly don’t get on and he gets on with everyone. Shelly has a very blunt way of dealing with people and Beau and Duane go out of their way to keep her away from the customers as she often say what is on her mind that many have found insulting (but I find really funny).


“I hadn’t forgotten that Shelly Sullivan was a woman, but her being female had ceased to matter the day we met. She’d become an irritant—a thorn in my side, a pain in my neck—not a flesh-and-blood woman with eyes for noticing a man.”


However Beau starts to see Shelly differently and gets to know her better. This is when Shelly admits that she has OCD that helps to explain why she doesn’t like shaking hands and her other actions. Beau is very supportive and Shelly soon grows to trust Beau.


I loved how they were able to support each other even with so much going on in their lives. Beau is given some startling news that he must learn to deal with and if and when he tells his twin brother.


“You are so good, generous, with everyone. Especially with me. Please let me hold the tools for you while you work on your refrigerator.”

Overall I really enjoyed this story and I absolutely love the series. Who wouldn’t love a bunch of brothers with beards! The story line is happening simultaneously with Cletus’s story as you see his behaviour coming to terms with being in love with Jennifer Sylvester (I think Cletus is still my favourite brother). I loved how Beau was charming and an all-round nice guy. I think he and Shelly are well suited as they are both in need of affection and have plenty to offer to each other.


I am beyond excited to read Billy and Claire’s story as I feel Penny has been teasing us from book one. But I am also looking forward to whatever Roscoe’s story could be. This is such a fantastic series and I love how the series interacts with the Knitting in the City series.



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