Book Reviews

Book Review: The Darkest Sunrise

Title: The Darkest Sunrise

Author: Aly Martinez

Rating: 5 stars


Charlotte has been going through the motions of life for the last ten years after a tragedy took her son away from her. However her life changes forever when Porter enters her life. Both Charlotte and Porter have experienced tragedy in their pasts and although very different circumstances Porter recognises the darkness in Charlotte and recognises a kindred spirit.


“Just a little company in the darkness.”


This book was emotional and sometimes heartbreaking as two people come together, connected by tragedy. Even though I had an inkling of what the plot twist was going to be, it was still startling when all was revealed at the end that left with a doozy of a cliff-hanger. knowing this to be the case I made sure I read the books back-to-back so I didn’t have the agony of waiting to find out what happens next.


This is one of those stories that is best knowing as little as possible going into it. Aly Martinez offers another emotional duet. Transfer and retrieval were one of my favourite reads last year, therefore this duet was high on my reading list. Although that duet is more of a favourite, I loved this story and was an experience watching everything unfold.



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