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Book Review: The Unrequited

Title: The Unrequited

Author: Saffron A. Kent

Rating: 4 stars


ARC provided in exchange for an honest review


“He is my professor, an asshole, and he is married. This crush is triple doomed.” 


This book had so much emotion, it was messy and raw but their was a lot of heart. I found the story to be unique and was always wondering what was going to happen next. Overall it encapsulates the feelings of when you love someone so much… but that love is unrequited.


Layla Robinson has been sent away from her well off family in New York to a small town college for the last few years. Layla has had a long time crush on and friend and step-brother but when she revealed her feelings,, to say that things didn’t work out was an understatement. She is now seeing a therapist and just going through the motions at school never really connecting to anyone. That is until she sees someone who is in as much pain as she sees in herself. Enter Thomas Abrams, a professor at the university.


Layla must find out more about Thomas and finds herself in his poetry class. Layla has developed a crush on Thomas and sees herself as safe as he is unattainable. But there is no denying the spark generated between Thomas and Layla. Thomas does everything to push Layla away but the pull and attraction is too strong.


“I want to see reciprocation. What does requited love look like? I want to see it.” 


Overall the author takes you on a journey that pushes many boundaries. The characters were not always easy to like and the story gets better as you get into the story more. Ultimately it tells the story of two broken people who tried very hard not to need each other, later to become each other’s everything.




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