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Book Review: The Scottish Prisoner


Title: The Scottish Prisoner

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Rating: 5 stars


This is very book of the Lord John Grey series, no surprises there as Jamie Fraser plays a major part. I loved getting to know Jamie better, his character is complex and it was great in understanding his thought process.


Jamie has been at Helwater, in England’s Lake District for three years. Sent originally to Ardsmuir Prison as a Jacobite traitor after Culloden, he has continued to serve out his time as a paroled prisoner working as a groom at the estate of Lord Dunsany. When Harold, Duke of Pardloe – Lord John Grey’s brother – needs help in the translation of verse written in Erse (Scots Gaelic) he sends for Jamie.


Lord John doesn’t know of Hal’s plan for Jamie and feels blindsided as some things were said on their last meeting (mentioned in Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade) that has made things awkward between them. However, they both set out to Ireland in an attempt to squash a possible Jacobite uprising.


It was heartbreaking to hear of Jamie’s memories of Claire and his unborn child , and his family in Lallybroch. But it was heartwarming to see his developing relationship with William and the happiness it brought him despite his circumstances.


I also liked watching the relationship between Lord John and Jamie as they build an understanding. The alternating points of view was a great way to get the full story. Out of all the books in the LJG series, a knowledge of the Outlander is beneficial as there are some pretty major spoilers from Voyager.



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