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Book Review: Lord John and the Succubus

Title: Lord John and the Succubus

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Rating: 4 stars


Lord John continues his adventures in Prussia, serving as the English liaison officer to he First Regiment of Hanoverian Foot. While stationed at the town of Gundwitz reports reach him of a local succubus who is said to have visited a number of townsfolk and is blamed for the death of a Prussian soldier.


Skeptical, yet curious, Grey goes to the graveyard to investigate and stumbles upon an English soldier with whom he is acquainted. While attempting to solve the mystery, Grey finds himself fighting his attraction to Hanoverian Captain Stephan von Namtzen, as well as deflecting the advances of the beautiful young widow Louisa, Princess von Lowenstein, at whose castle both men are staying.


While Grey seeks to solve the case logically, something sinister keeps him from completing the task. All around him the battle is raging on and the Seven Years War has only just begun. I really love Lord John’s character and enjoy watching as the mysteries unfold. Gabaldon is gifted storyteller and keeps fans wanting more.



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