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Book Review: Lord John and the Private Matter

Title: Lord John and the Private Matter

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Rating: 4 stars


Fans of Outlander are taken on a journey of mystery and intrigue as Lord John, a nobleman and high ranking officer in His Majesty’s Army, weaves his way through 18th Century British society. After leaving his club, he witnesses something shocking involving the man set to marry his cousin. But another pressing matter comes to his intention that he has to attend to. He is to investigate the brutal murder of a comrade in arms who may of been a traitor.


Gabaldon weaves two intersecting stories as Grey is forced to pursue two inquires at the same time. Grey finds himself in embroiled in London’s night-world and visiting the drawing rooms of nobility. Grey is following the trails of vanishing footman and chasing a woman in a green velvet gown.


You are given a great introduction to Lord John’s character and are taken on an adventure very different to Outlander. Lord John seems to be one of those characters who is always involved in some kind of imbroglio (not at all dissimilar to Jamie Fraser who always finds himself in the middle of the action.


I really enjoyed getting to know Lord John Better and find out more about what happened in the interim of Voyager and his relationship with Jamie Fraser. I really enjoyed watching Lord John unravel the mystery and putting all the facts together. This is a different read for me as there is basically no romance but I enjoyed reading something new and original. I am really liking the spin-off series and all the characters introduced are all interesting, especially those who appear in the Outlander series.



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