Book Reviews

Book Review: Salvaged

Title: Salvaged

Author: Jay Crownover

Rating: 4.5 stars


“I saw you, Poppy. When I had no right and no reason to be looking, I saw you.”


The Saints of Denver series continues with the story of Poppy and Wheeler. This is a beautiful story about two broken souls coming together to find love and healing when they least expect it. This is an emotional and heartbreaking and heartwarming read.


Poppy Cruz has has had a horrific past that has left her fragile and trusting of only a few people. Poppy first meets Hudson Wheeler as his relationship with his fiance breaks down. Wheeler notices something special in Poppy but is unable to act on anything for a while.


Slowly, Wheeler starts to break down the walls that Poppy has put up and she sees him a kind man who would do anything for those he cares about. Wheeler is sweet and caring and has a big heart. He has many insecurities including a pregnant ex-fiance and is after a love that he can trust. Poppy and Wheeler make a wonderful couple as they provide each other with strength and support.


“Doesn’t matter what the path we’re on looks like as long as we’re walking it together. If I stumble you can be there to help me up, and you know I’ll do my best to never let you fall.”


Overall, I really enjoyed this emotional love story. I loved that the characters from the other Saints of Denver books and Marked Men series made appearances and this story tied into so many others. This was such an amazing book and a great addition to the series. The epilogue was heartfelt and a wonderful way to finish the story.



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