Book Reviews

Book Review: Sugar & Gold

Title: Sugar & Gold

Author: Emma Scott

Rating: 5 ‘Find Your Sunshine’ stars


Nikolai travels from town to town trying to find peace, and always keeping to himself. Nikolai has the ability to feel what’s in a person’s heart and soul. He feels the good, the bad and the ugly. However, for him it’s mostly bad, always remaining alone as he is unable to become close to anyone.


Fiona is a beautiful soul in a small town trying to work her way up to a fresh start. Fiona was in a bad relationship and got away, but not far enough away. Although she has a few friends in town she dreams of moving to Costa Rica to move as far from her past as she can.


When Nikolai first meets Fiona, he’s shocked. His response to her is different than he’s used to. They have a spark. Two loners, two lost souls find each other in an unlikely way. These characters are so special. Both are a little damaged, a little broken, but somehow these two broken souls make each other whole.


“With Nikolai, there was no pressure, no constantly feeling like I was on the edge of saying or doing something wrong or stupid. With Nikolai, I could just be.”

Overall, it was unpredictable, unique, beautiful and emotional. I was constantly surprised in the direction of the story and it was un-put-a-down-able and I really enjoyed the cameo. I love Emma Scott, her writing is amazing and all her stories are unique.


“Love and hope. She had given me so much of both, my heart was full of love for her…and a gratitude greater than thank you.”


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