Book Reviews

Book Review: Tied

Title: Tied

Author: Carian Cole

Rating: 5 stars


“Everyone knows there can only be one prince, and I’ve already found mine.”


Tied is such a beautiful, unique and intense story and I was totally captivated from start to finish. Ty and Holly are such broken characters and when they find each other they can finally put together all the pieces. This is another amazing read in the Devils Wolves series.


Ty has been living as a recluse in the woods since an accident has left him scarred. One morning on a walk he hears a noise and ends up saving a girl who has been kidnapped for ten years. Holly is reunited with her family but everything has changed since she’s been gone.


“I lost my childhood and the opportunity to form friendships and relationships. I missed out on a lot of my life. I was mentally and physically abused. But I’m not stupid. I’m not afraid to live and learn. I want to. Determination sprouts and grows in me as her words resonate through me. I’ll prove her wrong.”


Holly is waiting for her Prince, the guy who saved her life- Tyler Grace. Eventually Holly finds Tyler again and keeps coming around. Tyler at first doesn’t like the interruption to his solitude and doesn’t speak but Holly is persistent and the two form a friendship. They share a great understanding of each other and form a strong connection. Slowly, the friendship turns into something more and it’s beautiful.


“I have no idea what love is supposed to be like,but I can’t imagine it can be any better than what we have right here.”


Overall this book was stunningly unique and a delight to read.  I was intrigued by Tyler in the first book Torn and the consequences that made him live the life he leads. It also mentioned how he saved the girl and I knew I wanted the story to be told.


“She’s my heart, my love, my best friend, my sensual angel with broken wings.”




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